Refill station

Refill station
We are pleased to introduce you to our Oway, Keune, and 12 reasons shampoo and conditioner refill station.
We welcome you to bring your own containers to have filled, we accept plastic, glass, tin etc or you can bring in your empty Oway, Keune, or 12 reasons product bottles. For best results and to maintain the balance of the product don't worry about rinsing bottles if simply refilling but if bringing your own container please wash first in very hot water with no dishwashing liquid and dry 100%.

To refill from our Ecostore refill station bring a container from home.

Our Oway comes in glass bottles so perfect for use at our refill station, and we offer 20% Oway when you refill!

We stock 100ml glass bottles for $1-$2 to get you started on your sustainable journey if you would like.

prices shown here are post discount
Oway - bath (shampoo) 20% off
240ml-$51.04 / per ml $0.22

Oway - conditioner 20% off
240ml - $59.88 / per ml $0.25

Oway - mask 20% off (comes in a tube but can't be refilled so we refill into a 100ml glass tub with aluminium lid)
100ml - $37.50 / per ml $0.375

Keune - So pure shampoo refill and receive $5 off
250ml - $24.99 / Per ml $0.0999

Keune - So pure conditioner refill and receive $5 off
200ml - $24.99 / Per ml $0.125

Keune - Silver savior shampoo and receive $5 off
300ml - $20.95 / per ml $0.07

Keune - Silver savior conditioner and receive $5 off
250ml - $20.95 / per ml $0.083

12 reasons marula oil shampoo
400ml - $25 / per ml $0.063

12 reasons marula oil conditioner
400ml - $25 / per ml $0.063

Eco store:

Body wash - $0.015 per ml

Dishwashing liquid - $0.008 per ml

Laundry powder - $0.009 per ml

Handwash - $0.015 per ml

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