• Gelous - gel nail system
    Gelous gel nail polish is proudly vegan and cruelty free. Gel manicures last up to 2 weeks without chipping, fading or peeling and deliver strong nails with high shine. Once each layer of polish is applied it is cured under the gelous uv/led lamp, meaning your nails are completely hard and perfectly dry straight away.
  • Oway Hcolor - the organic way
    Hcolor contain ethically sourced, peta certified, fair trade ingredients without ammonia. It provides us vibrant, long lasting, shinny and healthy results while giving 100% grey coverage. Oway's Hbalance shampoo and mask is used in salon after every colour, this rebalances and restores ph levels and neutralizes any alkaline residues in the hair prolonging shine and reducing colour fadage over time.
  • Oway - Hsystem
    Oway's H-system is a range of bath, conditioner and mask free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants and plastic. H-system is peta certified and made using the finest quality organic, botanical, biodynamic, ethically sourced ingredients. We offer Oway H-system in our refill station and encourage you to purchased your first Oway product with glass packaging off the shelf then bring your bottle back in and enjoy 20% at the refill station.
  • Refill station
    We are pleased to introduce you to our Oway, Keune, Hi lift and 12 reasons shampoo and conditioner refill station.
    We welcome you to bring your own containers to have filled, we accept plastic, glass, tin etc or you can bring in your empty Oway, Keune, Hi-lift or 12 reasons product bottles. For best results and to maintain the balance of the product don't worry about rinsing bottles if simply refilling but if bringing your own container please wash first in very hot water with no dishwashing liquid and dry 100%.

    Our Oway comes in glass bottles so perfect for use at our refill station, and we offer 20% Oway when you refill!

    We stock 100ml glass bottles for $1-$2 to get you started on your sustainable journey if you would like.

    prices shown here are post discount
    Oway - bath (shampoo) 20% off
    per ml - $0.191

    Oway - conditioner 20% off
    240ml - $54.08
    per ml - 0.2253

    Oway - mask 20% off (comes in a tube but can't be refilled so we refill into a 100ml glass tub with aluminium lid)
    100ml - $34.00
    per ml - $0.34

    Keune - So pure shampoo refill and receive $5 off
    250ml - $24.99
    Per ml - $0.0999

    Keune - So pure conditioner refill and receive $5 off
    200ml - $24.99
    Per ml - 0.125

    Hi lift - True blonde shampoo
    350ml -$25
    Per ml - $0.072

    Hi lift - True blonde conditioner
    350ml - $28.00
    Per ml - $0.08

    12 reasons marula oil shampoo
    400ml - $22
    per ml - $0.055

    12 reasons marula oil conditioner
    400ml - $22
    per ml $0.055
  • Olaplex
    Olaplex is a 3 step system which includes an active ingredient designed to seek out broken bonds in the hair caused by thermal, chemical and mechanical damage. You can use olaplex to restore compromised hair or add to another service to provide ultimate breakage insurance.
    Step one and two is done in salon during your service and step 3 is a take home treatment to be done once a week. Olaplex is cruelty free and vegan.
  • Ghd
    We stock and use Ghd hair straighteners in salon. We keep a classic Ghd hair straightener for retail within salon at all times which retails for $245 and we have the lay by option for these.
    Also from time to time we order in the limited edition Ghd sets, so keep an eye on our facebook page for these :)
    We can also order if any of the ghd wands and curlers which retail for $270.
    All Ghds sold within salon come with a full replacement 2 year warrenty.
  • Moroccanoil
    We stock some of the Moroccanoil products including the original Moroccanoil hair treatment in regular and light (for fine or light coloured hair) and available in sizes 25ml and 100ml.
    The moroccanoil treatment is great for all hair types, it can be used in wet or dry hair and has many benefits including hydrating and smoothing the hair and creating shine, cutting down drying time by up to 40% and protecting the hair from heat, sun and wind. So This is a versatile product and doesnt weigh the hair down.
    Another of our favourite Moroccanoil products we stock is the curl defining creme. This product smells amazing and hydrates the hair while taming and smoothing curls. This product also comes in 2 sizes.
  • Brasil cacau keratin smoothing treatment
    The brasil cacau keratin express smoothing treatment smooths out frizz, curl and unwanted body while repairing the internal structure of the hair. Brasil cacau is heat activated and contains no parabens and sulfates, Its certified vegan and of course cruelty free. This service takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete in the salon and you can wash your hair the next day. The cost for this service varies between $200-$350 depending on length and amount of hair.
  • Hi lift true blonde shampoo and conditioner
    These are strong purple products designed to eliminate yellow and orange brassy tones from the hair, they help maintain a cool blonde but dont overtone to a purple. These products are paraben, sulfate and cruelty free and vegan.
  • Keune - so pure and style
    The Keune So Pure range of shampoo, conditioner and masks are vegan, cruelty free and free from parabens and sulfates. The ranges is derived from natural ingredients, smells amazing and caters to all hair types. We offer so pure at our refill station.
    Keune style is our main styling range used in salon and sold for use at home. Style is cruelty free, 99% vegan and delivers what it promises.
  • Sustainablah safety razors
    We are now stocking safety razors, suitable for men and women, they give a closer shave and are a stainless steel razor so won't rust in the shower. we also stock replacement blades.
    They come in rose gold, charcoal grey and silver and are $39.95. silver with bamboo handle are $69.95
    Replacement blades are $5 for 5.
  • Kester black
    we use Kester black nail polish for manicures in our beauty room. Kester black are a carbon neutral and b corp certified company who ensure their entire manufacturing and packaging process are as ethical and sustainable as possible. Their nail polish is cruelty free, vegan, 10 free (free of the 10 nasties most commonly found in nail polish), breathable, water permeable, durable, vibrant and long lasting.
  • Pharo sugar wax
    Pharo sugar wax is used in our beauty room for all facial and body waxing. Sugar wax is the most environmentally friendly option in regard to hair removal, it's cruelty free, made with organic ingredients, water soluable, and we have a vegan option. sugaring is 75% less painful that waxing. try it for yourself.